Demolition, Lot Clearing, & Foundations

Demolition and Lot Clearing Services

Demolition doesn't have to be frustrating and expensive. In preparation for a new building, McDowell House and Structural Movers will clear any lot size. We are able to haul off all debris and have your lot ready for construction in a timely manner.

We can perform the folowing demolition services:
  • Interior Select Demolition
  • Total Building Demolition
  • Environmental Remediation Services
  • Lot Cloearing and Leveling
  • Debris Removal and Disposal

Foundation Installation and Repair

Footings with foundation repair is also one of the many services we provide. Our foundations help maintain the integrity of your home.

Proper footing preparation, foundation waterproofing, drainage, and final grading and water run off are essential to a lasting foundation.

In addition to piers, drainage correction systems including surface drains and French drains can also be provided to correct problem areas.

Our foundation repairs are situation dependent, and are based upon the age and style of foundation and house as well as the soil conditions and goals of the property owner.
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